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  •  Unique pieces to create a distinctive environment

  •  Artwork to suit your needs

  •  Tax deductible if leasing artwork for your business

  •  Leasing reduces your capital outlay

  •  Enjoy your art selection for a year or longer

  •  Have the option to buy the artwork during or at the end of the leasing  period

  •  Art leasing is a financially advantageous way to enhance the value of  your environment by incorporating significant works of art into your  space. Real estate developers, corporations, hospitality groups and  investors, our clients, have a common vision that the art creates iconic  spaces that inspire all who pass through.  



"Business owners are beginning to understand that displaying artwork in the workplace does more than make the office aesthetically pleasing; it can actually increase employee efficiency, productivity, and creativity." -

About Risino Art Leasing

We use a combination of technology and traditional expertise to help those seeking high quality art for any setting.


Whether you're just curious about Chinese art or you're an avid collector, we're here to showcase a light on the most exciting, talented and culturally relevant Chinese artists of our time. 

Steps to Leasing

Call or email us to discuss your requirements, we then arrange a suitable time to visit you. 


  • Our specialist consultant will help you select artwork to suit your space, budget and time frame. 

  • You choose the Risino artwork you like. 

  • We enter into a flexible lease agreement (with an initial minimum lease term of 6 months)

  • We organize insurance and transportation (and at your option installation)

  • You enjoy the art in your premises or home.

  • At any time during the lease you can call your option to purchase the  artwork.

Current Offers

For all leasing agreements entered in to we at Risino will give our clients FREE Risino Tokens to the value of their lease.


Allow our art & leasing specialist to explain this wonderful offer.

Art leasing agreement available below, click the PDF to download.

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